What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is defined as power that can be derived from natural sources and replenished infinitely by nature. Let us first discuss what we mean by infinitely replenished. The source of these types of energy is “nature.” It is derived from energy sources that are present in ongoing, natural processes. Sustained natural processes are used for producing renewable energy. It is not possible to permanently deplete renewable energy through consumption by facilities, animals or humans. Natural resources are used for generating power, which replenish themselves at a much faster rate than they are used, which is why “depletion” is not possible. Renewable energy, in other words sustainable energy, is a type of energy that can be infinitely used without depending on a resource which is depleted by use. And the term renewable energy source refers to the resources from which such energy is derived.

Why Are Renewable Energy Sources Important?

Renewable energy is derived from “natural resources” which are accessible in nature continuously or repeatedly. These resources occur spontaneously and are not depleted over time, and are therefore considered alternative energy production. The roads are jammed with vehicles. The population is growing rapidly. The growth rate of industrialization drives up the need for energy at an increasing rate. Commonly-used fuels such as coal, brown coal and gasoline, if innovative technologies are not used, “harm and pollute” the environment which upsets our planet. In such situations, alternative energy production comes in and plays a critical role, giving humans and the nature a breathing space. Because renewable energy sources offer economic benefits and the possibility for infinite use, they are almost a savior of the humanity for the rest of our time on our planet. These environmentally-friendly resources are n undepletable resource. The use of renewable energy sources also has the following benefits:
· They are rapidly replenished, which means power for human use can be generated without much effort.
· They do not cause pollution, and they are cleaner compared to other fuels.
· Because they are naturally sustained, they offer an alternative and undepletable sources of energy.

What Are Renewable Energy Sources?

We can classify forms of energy that exist in nature in their own cycle in this category. Throughout the history of science, sources of energy are grouped based on the resources they use, under 8 main headings as follows:
· Wind power
· Solar power
· Hydropower
· Geothermal power
· Biomass power