Our Focus
Our mission is to maximize our national potential for renewable energy use, highlight the importance of clean and domestic power production, and raise and maintain awareness of this understanding. To advance our mission, the ASSOCIATION FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH has established the following areas of focus for its activities:


  2. a) Developing and proposing to the authorities projects aimed at raising nationwide awareness of renewable energy use and applications across broader societal segments.
    b) Engaging in awareness campaigns to promote renewable energy use for the environment and future generations, reducing energy consumption costs, promoting adoption of renewable energy sources to drive clean energy use, helping to protect the environment as part of the efforts to combat global warming, and collaboration with the agencies concerned to promote understanding of issues.
    c) Examining the work and practices around the world in the industry, and driving their adoption for use in Turkey, engaging other NGOs around the world focused on the same issues for joint action, organizing awareness campaigns and events to promote renewable energy use across the nation, demonstrating how renewable energy use can reduce energy imports, engaging economy leaders to promote understanding of how renewable energy use can contribute to the national economy, and drive the enactment of supporting regulations.
    d) Establishing internal committees to advise and take part in workshops with the agencies concerned to promote enactment of legislation incentivizing renewable energy use.
    e) Developing and proposing projects to the government authorities concerned for promoting use and application of renewable energy nationwide.
    f) Taking legal action to protect the rights of and informing members and non-members, undertaking preliminary work on the potential precautions and collaborating with the agencies and institutions concerned.
    g) Coordinating joint action with the public agencies concerned for establishing standards for renewable energy systems.
    ı) Collaborating with local and foreign subject-matter experts to drive growth of the industry and executors.
    i) Promoting research and development and cooperation and collaboration therefor between members, universities and research organizations.
    j) Developing relevant training modules and systems, providing vocational training, and collaborating with Vocational High Schools, public agencies, other professional organizations and members for this purpose.
    k) To achieve the purposes described above, the association may organize meetings, training and seminars, take part in exhibitions and fairs, publishes and distributes brochures and technical documents, takes part in relevant events with press organizations, make use of advertising propaganda and promotion purposes related with its areas of focus in newspapers and magazines, acquire or sell real property, print or publish journals, newsletters or similar publications, and may solicit advertising on these publications, and engage in a business enterprise.
    l) The Association may cooperate and collaborate with Development agencies, particularly those who support various development initiatives in Turkey, and various agencies within the European Union, World Bank, United Nations, on projects directly aimed at humanitarian or relief projects, as well as programs for promoting development, and may accept donations and technical assistance from said organizations within the confines of legal requirements.
  4. a) Driving collaboration with universities for processing and developing issues in environmental awareness on scientific platforms.
    b) Engaging Research and Development Institutions in joint actions for developing research projects for advancing power generation from existing sources of energy.
  1. a) Providing support to members or other legal persons who request it, on compliance with the relevant standards, laws, regulations and codes.
    b) Engaging with regulatory agencies to propose suggestions and take part in regulation development work on the matters of updating current standards on renewable energy production equipment and practices, developing them to meet the needs, and creating new standards where none exists, and taking part in regulatory work on behalf of legal persons who are members of the association.
    c) Informing members and the parties concerned on renewable energy production equipment, for which standards have been established by the competent authorities.
    d) Monitoring changes in the standards around the world concerning this technology and driving updates and revisions to ensure the standards remain up-to-date.
  1. a) With a view to raising public awareness of the benefits of renewable energy use for the country, approaching any organizations, institutions or agencies, who serve a similar purpose and with whom joint action can help achieve the association’s goals, for integration and collaboration.
    b) Maintaining contact with all associations, foundations, platforms and others which have been involved in this matter, directly or indirectly, and integrate with movements that would contribute to advancing the vision and growth of the association.
    c) Informing members in cases where a collaboration is considered to be beneficial.

To achieve its purpose, YENADER will engage in the following activities on national and international platforms:
Organizing or joining in the organization of meetings, seminars or symposia for educational and/or promotional purposes,
Organizing exhibitions or fairs, or participate in similar events,
Prepare and distribute brochures, technical documents, journals or similar publications,
Responding to inquiries from the press and media organizations, and participating in those events,
Engaging in any form of advertising, promotion and propaganda efforts related with its focus areas and/or other areas directly or indirectly related with the same, and participating in activities toward that end,
Providing training to technical staff and executors, and engaging in certification work, based on authorization from relevant public agencies or institutions.


Enrolling members in line with the main charter,
Organizing cultural, social and sportive events and activities to promote unity, solidarity and cooperation among members,
Taking action to acquire a building with annexes to serve as the association’s headquarters, at a suitable location to enable members’ to gather for cultural, social and sportive purposes and to advance more efficient and orderly functioning of the association in a complex structure.


Establishing partnerships, business enterprises, foundations or solidarity funds and/or collaborating with such institutions for projects for generating income on matters related with its focus areas and services, and establishing branch offices, in or outside the country, at suitable locations, subject to a decision of the General Assembly therefor, and meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.