The demand for energy is increasing by the day as a result of growing population and advancing technology. Considering the scarcity of fossil fuel resources and their harm to the environment, the importance of clean, renewable energy is becoming ever more greater.
On the other hand, our world is becoming more polluted every day due to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use. Increased emission of greenhouse gasses also drive climate change, which involves global warming. These factors are putting our world in risk of serious natural disasters.
Against these threats, the mission of the ASSOCIATION FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH is to untap our country’s potential for renewable energy, raise awareness of the benefits of clean and national energy, and to generalize and sustain this knowledge.


For these reasons, the vision of the ASSOCIATION FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH is to raise public awareness of the importance of using clean and national energy sources for a cleaner world, while meeting our growing national demand for energy, and to undertake projects to support untapping our national potential for renewable energy, reducing our dependency on energy imports and the current account deficit, and collaborating with all parties toward that end, including raising awareness, holding educational and informational seminars, devising solutions and making a joint effort for this purpose.